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3 Steps For Positive Career Outcomes

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve heard that many learners have amplified the impact of their program by taking it alongside friends and colleagues. By taking the same program, colleagues can build a shared vocabulary and have direct conversations about how course material applies to their roles and careers.

Both you and your friend will receive a discount on your program fees. You can refer as many friends as you would like.

Anyone can refer friends to a program. There are many reasons why our learners choose to refer their friends:

Learners who have not yet taken a program often refer colleagues to save money on program fees, and to recruit a classmate with whom they can discuss concepts as they are learning.

Learners who have completed programs often refer their colleagues in order to share an impactful program that they have recently completed or to simply spread the gift of knowledge.

What if I already took a course – can I still refer?

Sign up for the SkillPlus Refer and Earn program. You can refer your friends by entering their contact details one at a time. You can refer multiple friends.

You have to Share your Bank Account Details, We will Send you referral amount.

No, you are eligible for referral credit only on the first transactions of friends/connections who have not interacted with SkillPlus’s systems before and whose details do not exist in the databases of SkillPlus.

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