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Android App Development Training & Certification Course

An Android app development course teaches you how to create applications for Android devices. Android is designed by Google and is widely used in smartphones and tablets worldwide. It is the world’s most extensive Operating System by the number of active devices. Currently, there are more than 2.5 billion active users of Android in almost 190 countries of the world. The Android market is growing exponentially, and young graduates are fascinated with the android development course.

Android App Development Certification Course Overview

The number of businesses that build Android apps every year is highly increasing. To offer end users a native mobile experience on smartphones, mobile apps play the most significant part. As a result, the demand for skilled Android Developers is on a massive rise. You can make the most out of this demand by learning the right skills with SkillPlus Android Development Course. You will master core Android skills, work on live projects, learn from experts, get certified, and build a great career.

Android App Development Course Syllabus

Module-1 - Introduction to Android
  • Android Architecture
  • History of Android
  • Versions of Android
  • Explanation of XML
  • Explanation of Gradle
  • Explanation of SDK , AVD and Emulator
Module-2 - UI Widgets Part-1
  • Button Attributes and Design
  • EditText Attributes and Design
  • Vector Images
Module-3 - Android Events
  • Click Events
  • Toast
  • Custom Toast
Module-4 - UI Widgets Part-2
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Group and Radio Button
  • Spinner
  • Toggle Button and Switch
Module-5 - UI Widgets Part-3
  • Image Button
  • Image View
  • Rating Bar
  • Date Picker and Date Picker Dialog
  • Time Picker and Time Picker Dialog
Module-6 - UI Widgets Part-4
  • Alert Dialog
  • Custom Alert
  • SeekBar
  • Progress Bar
Module-7 - UI Widgets Part-5
  • Progress Dialog
  • Scroll View
  • Horizontal Scroll View
  • View Flipper
  • Image Switcher and View Switcher
Module-8 - Adaptors in Android
  • What is Adaptor in Android
  • Types of Adaptor
  • How to create Adaptor
  • GridView using Adaptor
  • ListView using Adaptor
Module-9 - ArrayAdaptors in Android
  • Simple Adaptor
  • Custom Adaptor
Module-10 - UI Widgets Part-6
  • SearchView
  • SearchView with filters
  • WebView
Module-11 - Layout Basics and Linear Layout
  • What is View and ViewGroup
  • What are layouts
  • Linear Layout
Module-12 - Constraint Layout
  • Introduction
  • Bias , Chain , Guidelines, Barrier and Group
Module-13 - Activity Life Cycle
  • Methods of Life Cycle
Module-14 - Intents
  • Implicit Intent
  • Explicit Intent
Module-15 - Menubar in Android
  • Option Menu
  • Context Menu
  • Popup Menu
Module-16 - Animations in Android
  • Introduction
  • Types of animations
  • Attributes in animations
Module-17 - Third Party Libraries
  • Lottie Files library
  • Circular Image library
  • Toasty Library
Module-18 - Fragments and Lifecycle
  • ViewPager
  • Tab Layout
  • Bottom Navigation View
Module-19 – Recycler View
  • Recyclerview with CardView
  • Glide and Picaso Library
Module-20 - Permissions in Android
  • Dial
  • Call
  • SMS
  • Camera
  • Gallery
Module-21 - Shared Preferences
  • Insert
  • Retrieve
  • Update and Delete
Module-22 - Session Management
  • Login ,Register and Profile
Module-23 - SQLite Database
  • CRUD Operations Retrieve
Module-24 - Android App Sensors
  • How do Sensors work?
  • Accelerometer Sensor and its Applications
  • Proximity Sensor and its Applications
  • Ambient Light Sensor and its Applications
Module-25 - Services and Receivers
  • Services in Android
  • Alarm Manager
  • Send and Receive Text Messages
Module-26 - Taste of Firebase
  • Introduction
  • Creating a Firebase Project on Console
  • Cloud Messaging (Push Notifications)
  • Firestore (Realtime Database)
Module-27 - App Monetization Method
  • What are Ads?
  • Implementing Banner Ads
  • Implementing Interstitial Ads
Hands - On Projects
  • Calculator App
  • Video Player App
  • Music Player App
  • Notes App

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01st July'24 (Ongoing Batch)

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Android App Development Certification Course FAQs

Android application development is the process or skill of creating apps that run on Android devices. The development involves the use of a Software Development Kit (SDK), Android programming languages like Java and Kotlin, and obviously the right skills.

Yes. This is a completely practical-oriented and skill-based course with hands-on real mobile applications.

Yes. Absolutely. After doing the Android development online course by SkillPlus Academy, you will be on the right path and with the right skills to build robust apps.

Yes. We are offering 2-days of free demo classes with our Android development certification course online.

Mostly, Java and Kotlin are preferred as the primary programming languages for Android app development.

Yes. Every concept in this course is covered from zero level. You will learn both basic and advanced concepts.

Yes. You will become a certified Android developer with this course.

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