Windows Server (MCSA) Training & Certification Course​

Windows server is the core product of Microsoft that also integrates global scale cloud infrastructure in IT enterprise. MCSA certification Training allows participants to design, configure, implement and manage Windows Server and devices in an enterprise environment. Windows Server Administration covers various capabilities in storage, networking, virtualization, tools for performing post-deployment tasks on the Windows server.

Windows Server (MCSA) Certification Course Overview

This MCSA Training Program will help you learn skills such as how to Install, Configure, Manage, Troubleshooting Microsoft Servers and you would be getting the Hands-on experience to work on multiple Microsoft technologies. You will learn skills like Active Directory, Domain Naming System (DNS), NTFS Permission, Group Policy, Site Subnets, Replication, Child Domain, Forest Trusts, DFS, DHCP, WDS, IIS, Failover Cluster, Migration and much more. 

Windows Server (MCSA) Syllabus

Module 01 - Installing Windows Server
  • Features and Advantages of Windows Server
  • Installation of Windows Server 2019
  • Server Core Configuration
  • Windows PowerShell
Module 02 - Configuring Storage
  • Understanding File Systems
  • Configuring Storage (Simple, Spanned, Stripped, RAID)
  • Configuring iSCSI Storage
Module 03 - Installing Active Directory
  • Understanding Workgroup and Domain
  • Understanding Active Directory
  • Domain Controller & Domain Member Configuration
Module 04 - Administer Active Directory
  • Creating & Managing Users
  • Creating & Managing Groups
  • Creating & Managing OUs
  • Logon to and Logon Hours Permissions
  • Allow Logon Locally Permission
Module 05 - Managing Profiles
  • Local Profile
  • Roaming Profile
Module 06 - Implementing GPOs
  • Password Policy, Account lockout Policy
  • Control Panel Block Policy
  • Configuring Wallpaper Policy
  • Configuring Screen Saver Policy
  • Map drive and USB restriction Policy
  • Software Installation Policy
  • Software Restriction & AppLocker Policy
Module 07 - Configuring Active Directory
  • Configure Additional Domain Controller
  • Configure Read-Only Domain Controller
  • Configure Child Domain Controller
  • Demoting a Domain Controller
Module 08 - Configuring DHCP
  • Understanding DHCP
  • Installing and Configuring DHCP
Module 09 - Configuring DNS
  • Understanding DNS Concepts
  • Introducing DNS Record Types
  • Installing and Configuring DNS
Module 10 - Maintaining Active Directory
  • Active Directory Domain and Trusts
  • Implementing Sites and Subnets
  • Configuring Replication
Module 11 - Installing in the Enterprise
  • Understanding Automated Deployment Options
  • Windows Deployment Services
Module 12 - Configuring High Availability
  • Need of High Availability, What is SLA
  • Failover Clustering & NLB
Module 13 - Maintaining Windows Server
  • Windows Server Backups
  • Configuring Windows Server Updates (WSUS)
Module 14 - Implement IP Address Management
  • Understanding IPAM
  • Managing Services
  • IPAM Access and Auditing
Module 15 - Configuring Network Access
  • Overview of VPN
  • Configuring VPN
Module 16 - Understanding Monitoring
  • Overview of Windows Server Performance Monitoring
  • Using Windows Server Performance Tools
Module 17 - Understanding File Services
  • Configuring Quotas
  • Configuring File Screening
Module 18 - Encryption and Auditing
  • Configuring Bit locker Drive Encryption with AD
Module 19 - Understanding Hyper-V
  • Hyper-V Overview
  • Hyper-V Installation and Configuration
  • Configuring Virtual Machines

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Windows Server (MCSA) Training Batch Schedule



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27th May'24 (Ongoing Batch)

45 Hrs.

Weekdays - Mon to Fri

Offline / Online

29th July'24 (Upcoming Batch)

45 Hrs.

Weekdays - Mon to Fri

Offline / Online

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Windows Server (MCSA) Certification Course FAQs

If you go for Instructor led training, trainer provide support on WhatsApp. For any queries you can ping trainer on WhatsApp.

Yes, upon completion of the course, you will get a course certificate from SkillPlus Academy.

It will be an Interactive session, you would be performing live practicals along with the Trainer.

No worries, along with the course you get Recorded Lecture on our Mobile app. Also you can attend the missed section of MCSA (Windows Server) course in any other live batch.

Fresh Graduate, Desktop Engineer or anyone who want to gain practical knowledge about server can go ahead with this course.

Microsoft certified course can help you find a job or advance your career as Windows Administrator, System Administrator, System Engineer, IT Support Specialist and System Analyst.

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